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    Drishita Paul DPS Newtown

    I would recommend his classes with no second thought about it! Sometimes it's just the teacher that makes the difference, and Rahul Sir's Math Classes made me realize this, from joining to just somehow manage JEE Math to almost loving Mathematics, it has been a marvelous change. The way Rahul Sir puts across concepts and topics, is really commendable.

    Rajdeep Mondal Haryana Bidya Mandir, Salt Lake

    To the person reading this I would say that Rahul Sir is a really wonderful teacher and has an unique way of teaching , which will make you more attracted towards mathematics. Sir puts a lot of effort on us and is super friendly. All I need to say is that I'm having a great time learning from him.... Trust me...Sir is AWESOME!!😊

    Ridhhi Agarwal JD Birla, Kolkata

    It's very easy to understand the concepts of mathematics when he explains us and he never bother explaining things again and again. I am very happy to find you as my teacher and would love to continue my educational journey under your guidance. Thank you.