About Me

Hello, I am Rahul Banerjee

Since 2010, I have provided Kolkata with extensive private teaching services in mathematics, with an emphasis on critical thinking. I love mathematics and had a positive image of Mathematics from my childhood life. I was a winner of various scholastic achievements while I was a student I received the NTSE Scholarship at a time when a small number of students used to get it. Also I topped in the National Mathematics Olympiad. How is it possible that I enjoy and appreciate the depth of mathematics as a subject, while others block themselves to its beauty by disregarding it as useless, or a thing that they cannot do? The simple answer, easy technique and work neatly. I take pride in teaching students who are eager to expand their minds, talents & skills and bring a depth of professional experience and expertise to those who strive to excel. I offer personalized teaching services at affordable prices and use my specialized lessons to improve areas of difficulty and introduce students to new subjects, helping them advance to higher levels of understanding. Contact me to see how I can be of service to you.

Receiving Award & Certificate from The Director of IIT Kharagpur


BE(Com Sc.), IIEST (Bengal Engineering College)
Shibpur, Howrah

MBA (Finance) VGSOMI
Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Kharagpur

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